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MAKE A DIRECT CONTRIBUTION to the Choral Union via our secure Paypal site.  All donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.  Contributors will be recognized in the current season concert programs, and contributors of more than $100 will receive complimentary tickets to the July concert.  Click here: http://lccuusorg.ipage.com/store

SCARPELLI'S RESTAURANT: The Choral Union receives $5 for every $10 meal ticket sold to Scarpelli's Italian Restaurant.  Each ticket is redeemable for a complete meal of salad, bread, select entrée, beverage and dessert. They are a family restaurant located at 865 Migeon Avenue in Torrington, Connecticut.  You can order tickets by clicking on the "Purchase Tickets/Products" tab on the left of this page.

We are now a "retailer" for Blue Green Organix. They sell all organic items from steak and chicken to yummy pies and desserts, cheese, skin care products and supplements. All you have to do is use the discount code "CHORAL" when you or your friends check out and LCCU gets a percentage of the purchase price.  You need to set up a free account (go to the My Account button on the top and load enter your information) and then you can buy at the reduced price listed for each item. Click on the link to go to the website:        http://bluegreenorganix.com/

If you want to buy often you can get a platinum card which gives you 40% off plus a $25 bonus for the Choral Union for the purchase of the card. See the instructional jpg at the bottom of this page. To get a membership click here: http://bluegreenorganix.com/index.php/default/platinum-membership.html

NODINES: We get 25% for every purchase you make with them. Online instructions: Go to http://www.nodinesmokehouse.com  After you select your item and put it in your cart.. BEFORE you check out go to the tab at the top of their home page that says "Fund Raiser Glossary". Once there scroll down to groups and click on LCCU. This will activate our special code #1022 and appear in your cart. If you call them give them this code: 1022 so we get credit.

ELECTROBLAST REHYDRATION ELECTROLYTES FOR SINGERS: This is a 12-electrolyte concentrate to put into your water for singers. Sharp Crew Brain Booster has no sugar or artificial ingredients. Has no taste either so you can put it into soda, coffee or every a Marguerita. Restores neurotransmitter function to keep you remembering your Latin, German or whatever you are singing. Also helps with restoring the electroytes lost through sweat (that we do a lot of in the Shed in the summer), helps immune function and memory. Great for kids and athletes too so promote it to them... $18.99/2 oz. pump bottle which makes 50 drinks (10 pumps per 8-16 oz. water) or .37 cents a drink. Makes 50drinks: $18/bottle.                                                                           

Orders online will be charged shipping, but you can buy it at rehearsals. If ordering online please put LCCU in the comments box. For more info call 888-217-7233. Order here: http://www.foreveryoungcooperative.com/electroblast-sharp-crew.html

ADVERTISING SALES. Like all arts organizations, the Choral Union is always seeking companies and individuals to support us through advertising in our concert program. Advertising rates and size requirements are available on the Advertising Sheet available by clicking on the link below: